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Kansas City • Hazel Valley • Memphis

Located at the edge of the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas, Hickory Row is a family owned business of the ‘Finest Quality Hickory Craftsmen’. The location of Hickory Row is as unique as it is picturesque; a bountiful supply of hickory trees growing throughout the area provide the resource for making the highest quality butcher blocks available.

While others may be using glass, plastic, and composite, we here at Hickory Row stray far from those elements. Some say that wood cutting surfaces are not as sanitary as possible other choices, but to them we say, "Do your research!". Our family has been in wood crafting and woodworking for several generations. The things that we have discovered along that journey are as plentiful as the hickory that surrounds our family homestead. The number one lesson our family has learned is that it is very near impossible to outdo anything natural in todays world.

The problem is that while it may seem like plastic is non-porous and can't absorb liquids, with use the surface becomes knife-scarred. This rough surface is exceptionally difficult to clean, even with bleach or running through the dishwasher. Wood, by contrast, shows the ability to halt the growth of and kill bacteria applied to its surface. Both new and used hickory cutting surfaces maintain this ability equally well.

Join the Hickory Row Family today, and never look at food preparation the same.


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